Meet The Heart Of Quadmatics

Built By Coders. Led By Coders

Quadmatics is first and foremost a math and technology company. We take delight in working with the most sophisticated technology platforms, on the most interesting projects and problems, in the most exciting areas of finance.

Each and everyday we are committed to predict the markets a bit better, and we will not stop until we get it right.

Bringing Together New Ideas

Breaking down global barriers to access financial data sets is the guiding principle in everything we do.

By better understanding different aspects of financial data, we use the knowledge as baseline to build novel computer systems that learn to find solutions to advance the state of the AI in derivative markets.

Where The Best Gets Better

Quadmatics is an proprietary research firm where talented minds go to attack interesting and challenging market problems.

Our attitude is collaborative, not cutthroat. If we have to, we trade our own money, so there's no selling. No outside investors, no 3rd party funds, no distractions. Researchers focus on research. And technologists focus on technology. Any brilliance is supported, celebrated and rewarded.