How Our Technology Works

Trade Discovery

How It Works

We Make It Simple

Our deep learning algorithm crunches countless realtime financial data while ignoring the random noise. As soon as we pick up a forecast signal, we display the same.

Determine Your Objective

Determine Your Objective

Figuring It Out

Sit back and relax. As soon as you receive a signal, allot adequate funds depending on your trading style e.g. MIS, CO, BO and place order immediately. You should get to see at least 0.5% return on your traded capital within a short span of time.

Identifying A Favorable Exit

Identify Your Language Source

Returns Are Benchmarks

Backtest results conducted on uncontrolled and unfavoured market data shows that Quadmatics' machine learning algorithm comfortably delivers between 0.6% to 1.1% average return with high predictability on a per trade basis.

Counting On Your Promptness

Making Your Comparisons

The Most Important Step

It takes only a couple of miliseconds for the price ticker to change. If you are not prompt enough in placing orders or executing your trade, you certainly lose the bet. Whether you are in-front of your terminal or trading offline, we assume you can act swift enough to place your order.

Safeguarding Trades

Uncover Your Insights

Always on Hotline

We conduct priority advisory on real-time risk assessments for all underlying trading assets during live market hours to avoid any unwanted surprises.

Getting Started

Get Started

What Is Required

Install TightVNC Viewer for FREEask for access permission to receive live trade signals from our webcasting server.

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