Figuring The Upcoming Trend


RePrime Pre-Market

AI Powered Trend Forecast

RePrime® capture short term money-flow dependencies and price anomalies from sector relative price action and order sentiments, delivering first 15 minutes trend forecast to nearly 140 NSE listed stock derivatives for high frequency trading.

Take your trend discovery to a whole new level.

Model Benchmark

Model Benchmark

How Does RePrime® Work

Quadmatics' RePrime® forecaster is made of multiple AI robots arrayed with proprietary non-deterministic algorithms involving millions of fuzzy calculations to self-train and recalibrate, learning from and adjusting to new market data as they arrive.

Backtest results conducted on uncontrolled and unfavoured market data shows RePrime® comfortably delivers between 0.75% to 3.2% average ROI with high predictability on a per trade basis.

All Inclusive Pricing

All Inclusive Pricing

Fees As Low As Fraction of Your Profit

No maintenance fees. No data fees. No trade minimums. Licensing available on monthly and quarterly renewals. Ask for pricing and comprehensive billing slabs.

Alternatively, we offer occasional Test Drives where customers can pay ₹ 4999 to experience the real-time version for 5 market days. If interested, drop your email and we will notify when we schedule our next Test Drive.


FutEx Live-Market

The All-In-1 Tool For F&O Traders

FutEx® helps you to quickly screen and comprehend quantitative data-points relevant for derivative trades on NSE. It's easy to use and ideal for both amateurs and seasoned daytraders to make profitable, fast and optimal F&O trade decisions.

Find your best trade through a simple click and filter.

Realtime Pro F&O Tools

Realtime Pro F&O Tools

What To Expect From FutEx®

FutEx® is the only app on internet designed specifically for Indian F&O traders on on-demand true trade data. View crisp summary of actions happening across the derivatives sphere and gain critical insights into real-time quant setups along with trend orientations.

Track, analyze and discover from anywhere, anytime. Like a pro. 100% web-app. Zero installation and always up-to-date.

Affordable Pricing

Difference Within

Prices That Won't Stump You

Subscribe to FutEx® on a monthly recurring fee of ₹ 2499 which is just around ₹ 99 / trading day. And do ask for a 1 day FREE trial just in case you want to try-before-buy.

Currently we are accepting UPI as the only mode of payment. Pay us directly at: futex@upi

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