Machine Augmented Rank Based Prediction Engine

Broad Coverage

Broad Coverage

We Follow ― The Money Flow

We cover numerous different exchanges around the globe with specific focus on India — Asia's most diverse stock market.

We've got extensive coverage of NSE, the world's largest derivatives exchange in terms of daily trade volume.

Technology Stack

Technology Stack

What's Inside ? Data Science

Our market forecasting schemas are made of multiple AI bots, that involve hundreds of algorithmic script to self-train and recalibrate, learning from and adjusting to new market data as they arrive.

Almost 90% of our AI/ML model never reaches the production. We consider only stellar scripts, with outstanding results and potency.

Market Intelligence

Trade Intelligence

Insights To Give You An Edge

Find hype in stocks before it starts rolling on market. And discover opportunity when things are starting to get hyped. Be the first one to know on early hypes before everyone else learns about them.

When we hop onto hype trains we don't stay on forever. Rather we make a quick buck and get off before the ride ends.

Major Takeaways

Major Takeaways

Challenging The Status Quo

70% of active investors fail to generate even benchmark threshold returns. Our AI/ML guided Momentum ETFs yield 8x more alpha in excess of market regardless of which direction it goes.

Outperforming the market is hard. Let's lend you a hand.

Key Delivery Specs

Key Delivery Specs

Analytics Run At Our Core

Many often misinterpret our offerings as trade recommendation or stock advisory. Wrong! We are trying to bring a scientific approach to preempt the stock market with advanced maths and computing.

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Staying Ahead Of The Curve

Freedom to uncover alerts from anywhere anytime like a pro. 100% cloud managed service. No installation needed. Always up-to-date.

Licensing exclusively available on monthly and quarterly renewals. Ask for a one day FREE trial just in case you want to try-before-buy.

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