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Unparalleled Index-Option Coverage

Know The Impending Market Trend

HNIs, Proprietary Trading Firms, and Institutional Hedge Funds has always been a frontrunner for underlying Index guidance and spur. They are those who eclipse the rest of market participant fraternity and often adopt to somewhat different approach before taking any position; appraising and maneuvering pricing spree unlike anyone.

OptIx helps decode the cooked-up number game, and generates a statistical picture to not only profile the market but also shows you where to enter and exit trades strategically with uncanny accuracy.

The market is a game of probabilities. OptIx can't eliminate risk but it tilts the odds in your favor. Just like a card counter in Vegas — no magic, just increased odds.

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Novel Trading Picks Ahead Of Time

What Is Cooking Hot For The Day ?

Typical time-series analysis are predominantly done on monthly, or sparsely at weekly horizons worldwide but no concrete research or projections are available for the daily intraday landscape, as Quant based metrices don't work for day trading. Quants simply focus on historical price-volume factors, neglecting the erratic and periodic changes in market data sets that manifest during after-hours trade ― a crucial aspect for the next day's stock behaviour.

FutEx introduces a high probability Futures price forecasting setup that uses After-Hours Trade data to predict next day's swing trades before the exchange even opens.

With our generative learning model, we have managed to gear the daily trade forecasts to somewhat reasonable accuracy by beating regular street benchmarks with approx. 4x more alpha generation.

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