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Make a Comparison Discover An Insight

The best trades are the
ones that surprise you.

They’re born out of discovery—not typed into a search bar—and help you see the bigger picture, making each one of your trade more pragmatic.

Quadmatics compares financial data sets to identify significant similarities and differences in the way a stock behaves, from price change to sentiment to volume. The result—better entry-exits, well informed trading, and more meaningful profits.

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How It Works

Quantitative Analysis on top of the
data sources you're already using,

from data feeding tools like DTN IQ Feed to trader collaboration platforms like ClosingBell and opentrade forums, FII & DII actions and even asset management's exercises.

In other words, we utilize all the instruments that you’re already using into clean, tradeable signals.

Let Us Explain

Noise Confounds Markets

A multitude of issues can affect a stock price. Our AI extricate valuable signals discerning real information from noise.

Distinguishing noise and signals inVolatile Markets

To Measure An AccurateChange in Swing Trend

What if you could look at a chart and instead of seeing what happened, you could see the potential trading opportunities that could happen.

Distinguishing noise and signals onRumors & News

To Uncover Money Buildup WithinOpen Interest Positions

Rumors and news mostly come with poor data which runs the risk of a biased selection, evaluation and interpretation.

Distinguishing noise and signals inChoppy Conditions

To process and amplify short termNumerical Signals

Traders become overly sensitive or reactive to most of the daily conflicting fundamentals anticipating immediate breakout or breakdown, but something else happens all together.

Our Secret Weapon

Quadmatics utilizes advanced Machine Learning algorithms to ease the signal discovery process.

Compute more data more quickly!
Compute more data more quickly!

Scans billions of binary trend spots instantly, getting a fuller picture than you would with regular platforms.

Focus on what’s significant
Focus on what’s significant

Doesn’t waste time analyzing data that isn’t statistically significant. We bubble up what’s important.

Arrive at insights more quickly
Arrive at insights more quickly

Identifies actionable insights without spending time (and money) hosting traditional focus groups.

Make your time pay off
Make your time pay off

Get more out of trading sessions, and discover new opportunities that you may have looked over.

Who is it for?

For seasoned traders, professionals, and those who are just getting into automated trading.


If you trade for a living or just want that extra edge to compete in the financial markets you have come to the right place. We provide you entry/exit opportunities on supported financial instruments with absolute precision.

Retail Traders

Brash, Calculating, Fierce, Relentless. You name it. Whatever your trading style is, we make sure to inform you the the right jumpoff point, on right stocks with right margins that will suit your swagger.

Instruments Instruments Instruments Instruments

We can’t flaunt it unless you know how we trade it

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