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Fact Based Decision Making

Stock Trading Shouldn't Be A
Guessing Game Anymore

With hundreds of factors ranging from financial markets, global economy, to alternative data, we combine AI/Machine Learning with advanced quant finance methods using big data on clouds for massive computation power.

Everyday we process more than a million, financial data-sets with assorted signals to identify significant similarities and differences in the way a stock behaves, resulting in enhanced analytics and better predictions with smart SaaS offerings.

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Unique Competitive Edge

Machine Learning With A
Human Heart

One of the biggest obstacles to successful robo learning concept is model collapse under evolving market conditions. Most trading strategies are aligned in accordance to present market dynamics without guarantees of success in future. We're vastly different.

Quadmatics' self-learning AI system ranks models based on their predictive power and probability of success. Multi-dimensional hypotheses are constantly back-tested, wherein the AI based system 'suggests' and 'tests' them on a year long historical data and only the most robust strategies, with excellent daily returns and risks-reward potentials are provided to our users.

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Exploiting Trade Intelligence

Quadmatics brings along diverse high probability intraday price forecast system for the Indian derivatives asset class.

Alerts are delivered well before any major directional market shift, so that you gain critical thinking and deliberation time to overlay your own investment and trading strategy.

Technical Analysis TechniquesDon't Work Anymore

Shape Up YourTrading Desk

Quadmatics has a self-adaptive design that does not use any technical indicators or oscillators as input parameters due to their sole reliance on past price data to determine daily trend forecast.

Non-Linear Global Events MakeCharting Useless

Your Statistical Edge InPrice Discovery

Quadmatics parse price-driven data sets to identify probable future time series action, since price-fractals eventually reflect all relevant fundamental, financial and psychological factors.

Analyst RecommendationsAdds No Real Value

Make Each TradeMore Pragmatic

Quadmatics gives zero leverage to rumors and news that largely comes with little or no data which runs the risk of a biased selection, evaluation and interpretation.

Our Secret Weapon

See how Quadmatics can help you make better, faster trade decisions in fast moving, uncertain market conditions.

Time your trades with precision
Times your trade with precision

Avoids impulsive pick and spots trade opportunity at optimal price levels.

Focus on what's significant
Focuses on what's significant

Analysis powered by maths, not tweets, opinions or gut feelings.

Reduce costly analysis mistakes
Reduces costly analysis mistakes

Removes social influence, emotion, bias, FOMO from your trade routine.

Make your trade pay off
Makes your day trade pay off

Zero infrastructure costs, anywhere accessability and seamless upgrades.

Who is it for?

Ideal for amateur and seasoned day traders, brokerages, dealers, fund houses and asset management companies.

No Price Is Too High To
Catch A Bull Or Bear

Quality comes at a price. Being an area of restricted research, we have to mine data from various confined global sources. Besides as a quant-based practice the acquisition cost of technology is too on the higher side. Considering such dominant factors, our spirited pricing may seem rather upscale.

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